Elliott Ridgway




ARS GRATIA DEII love telling stories; I've camped out in different mediums over the years to tell them.From a young age, I started making my own comic books, and learned to draw in the process. I've continued honing my drawing skills over the years, and I now try to incorporate hand-drawn art into my other projects.When I was seven years old, I borrowed my parents' video camera and tried learning stop-motion animation. Soon, I moved on to making movies with my friends. Years later, my brothers and I founded Ridgway Films, and we began trying to make a name for ourselves on YouTube.At age ten, my parents bought me Klik 'n' Play, and I began making my own computer games. That same year, my younger brother Anton and I founded our game company Megalithic Mainframe, which still lives on to this day.I've tried out other art forms, like 3D modeling, podcasting and music composition. Most recently, I've turned to writing, and I published my first book in 2023.I made this website to share the latest stories I'm proud of, whatever shape they might take. Ultimately, I want to entertain you with stories that challenge, edify, and motivate.If you've enjoyed anything you found here, I'd love to hear from you!